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Headstart Puppy Training

Show. Teach. Reward.

Potty Training

This program is for approved puppies ages 8 - 16 weeks old. Because each puppy has its own learning curve, the time to properly potty train may vary.

Please call to discuss any issues you may be experiencing. 

Head Start  Retriever Training

Designed for the family who has a retriever puppy but may not have the time, resources, or knowledge to properly give their pup a head start in life. Here at OCR we understand people get busy with work and everyday life but still want to give their pup the best chances of success. This program includes everything we hope ALL dogs coming into training have had in order to create the healthy, happy, well balanced retriever. The Head Start Training is best suited for puppies ages of 4-5 months old and is generally a 1 month course. These pups typically stay in for our Started Retriever program or in many cases stay for the entire program.

Advanced Head Start

Retriever Training

To ensure a proper head start, OCR will properly socialize your pup with dogs and people of all ages. Your pup will make frequent visits to the store, frequent truck rides, 4 wheeler rides, Polaris Ranger or Yamaha Rhino trips. We will also properly introduce birds, decoys, swimming, gun shots, and cultivate the desire/passion to retrieve in your pup.

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