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Retriever Training

Hold. Drop. Fetch.

Started Retriever Program

This package creates a dog you'll be proud to sit next to in the dove field or in the duck blind. A started retriever is compliant on leash and off leash, has completed force fetch, and is steady to shot. This dog will be ready to hunt and retrieve birds they see fall. Once your retriever has been selectively approved into the Started Retriever program they will be slowly transformed into a reliable gun dog through a series of daily drills and a healthy amount of retrieves. While training time can vary from dog to dog we expect most dogs to complete this portion of training in 4-6 months of total training. We expect by the end of this program your dog would be ready to earn their UKC or AKC Started and Junior titles. 




For the elite of the elite. Not all retrievers are capable of entering this portion of training. Oak Creek Retrievers will assess your dogs ability, and once approved, this portion of training is taken on a month by month basis. This candidate has already completed our Started Retriever program, and the owner has goals to taking the dog to their full potential.

In this portion of training, the dog learns how to retrieve a bird they did not see fall, which is often referred to as a blind. They will remember multiple bird falls, and honor other working dogs. They'll learn how to sit on a whistle, take hand signals by completing rigorous technical handling drills such as, but not limited to:

  • T-Drill

  • Wagon Wheel

  • Swim By

  • Pattern Blinds

  • Cold Blinds

  • Diversion Birds

  • No No Drills


We enjoy running dogs that have completed our Retriever Training Program in UKC & AKC Hunt Tests. Earn some ribbons and titles to show off all the hard work you and your dog have earned. We enjoy running all levels test from Junior through Master.

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