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Obedience Training

Here. Heel. Sit.


"Obedience is the foundation for everything and the key for success in everyday life. The prime time to train any dog is from six months to a year and a half. That's when they have their arms wide open and practically say, "Coach me, Teach me, Show me the way! I dont want to be bad!" 

Chris Krause

OCR Owner and Trainer


Many times clients do not have the desire to pursue retriever training but still want a reliable family companion they can take everywhere on leash and off leash.

Formal training is available for approved clients from 6 months to 4 years old.

The Obedience program is setup as a 2 month course:

1st month is an all on leash course that will be compliant to most city leash laws.

2nd month is an advanced off leash course that many clients seek for peace of mind.


"Wow, what a difference! Chris took my adolescent dog and turned him into a well behaved member of the family. I will never own an untrained dog again. Thanks, Chris!"

William S.

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